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Our Process


This is the frame used to melt the resin like plastic into certain shape to mass produce the identical form of products. It is used to produce almost all the plastic products we can see around us.



This is the process where plastic materials are heated, melted and injected into the enclosed mold to product products.


Spray coating/Metalization

1. Air shower: Eliminate dust from the product
2. Base Coating: protect the surface of product and adjust the polishing of product
3. Vacuum metallize: Process to create Al film to metallize the product
4. Top coating: process to protect Al film to enable various coloration work

蒸着,涂漆, 塑料射出物增加金属效果的工序


Put the film on the product and apply heat and pressure to transcribe the pattern non the plastic surface or put ink in the frame with screen and push the rubber panel to print.



This is the process to assemble the product after injection, vacuum metallization and printing.




Ordering the mode base

– Set up gate position
– Set up parting line
– Set up ejecting method
– Select a Mold base format according to product structure

设定(Mold base)


– Apply the contractile rate based on resin
– Decide proper machine based on processing methods
– Select proper cooling water point affectively
– Select pin location after considering product shape


Assembling mold

– Assemble each components at mode base
– Inspect the combination of products and assembly status



– Test molding operation
– Check the appearance of products and size accuracy
– Check possible problems while producing in advance



– Move to the following processes


Entering the mold

– Check the condition of operation & defects
– Check the appearance of product & the factor of defects
– inspect pigment eruption


Preparing ingredient

– Prepare for proper ingredient according to the setting
– Dry ingredients in advance, if it necessary
– Prepare pigments in case of color work



– Check injected products periodically(Molding defect, alien substance)
– Check the operation condition of mold
– Maintain the cleanliness of factory
– Observe safety regulations by workers


Packing & Inspection

– Inspect the surface of injected products and a size of appearance
– Inspect the cleanliness such as a alien substance



– Move to the following processes


Stocking injected products

– Check the surface condition of the injected products
– Check the unformed and the shrinkage of products
– Check the problems such as an alien substance, punched mark, gas and oil before coating


Base coating-first coating

[Product setting]
– The process of preparing for the conveyor work before coating
– Check the suitablity of jig
– Check the cleanliness of workers and the factor of defects
– Check the influence of dest and a temperature
– Check the condition of injection molding overall

[Anti-static gun, air shower]
– The process of removing alien substances of product before shower coating
– Remove the static electricity&control the pressure of air
– Adjust driving speed
– Check setting position
– Prevent problems with secesssion from occuring(aim at the spin frame accurately)

[Uv(Base) coating]
– The process of coating to protect the surface condition and adjust gloss before a vacuum

– The process of inserting into jg bar to vacuum
– Check the condition of membrane
– Check for the presence of the gloss
– Check dust, an alien substance and dryness
– Check certainly whether it is regular condition


Vacuum metalizing(second coating)

– The process of covering with aluminum for coating in color
– A collar is various according to brilliances
– Check the degree of vacuum
– Adjust the quantity of aluminum
– Check the quantity of product
– Check the certainlt the condition of metalized products
– Check metalizing time
– Check the condition of jig bar, the size of product and adjustment


Top coating (Third coating)

– The process of UV coating in various colors and protecting aluminum
– The process of coating is the same as the base coating’s
– Check the sample color and hardness
– Check the quantity of packing box and protection paper
– Remove dust, alien substances and oil after checking
– Check a identity with the the sample
– Produce the same as the standard sample and notify a responsible person of problems directly


Final inspection&packing(4th process)

– The process of sorting and packing a finished product based on the standard sample
– Separate after top coating(decided setting)
– Inspect products based on limited samples
– Manage sepearately after classify defects by materiality
– Check the quantity of packed product(finished product packing box)
– Check protection papers
– Move packed products to the place of shipment


Stocking materials

– Produce jig according to the shape

PRINTING(丝网印刷,及标记工程图), 附材料入库

Producing jig

– Possess materials accordant with the setting
– Dry in advance if necessary
– Prepare pigments in case of color work



– Check colors and print position bases on the standard sample



– Pack after sorting defects such as a bolt and pealing off



– Move to the following processes


Stocking materials

– Check the setting such as injection, vacuum and print based on the standard samples


Producing jig

– Produce not to occur defects in the function and appearance of produts


Assembling the main product

– Pack standardized box with the products



– Follow the buyer’s requirements for size and weight



– Move to the following processes


Stocking materials

– Inspect the problems with the surface and function of materias based on the standard sample
– Check the ingredient of materials, color, and stability of products



– Maintain cleanliness of a workplace
– All workers wear sanitary coat and put on a hat



– Delivery